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Waxhaw Transmission Repair Coupons | Waxhaw NC

Transmission Repair Coupons | Waxhaw NC

Twin Automotive & Transmission Repair of Waxhaw offers the best transmission service and transmission repair.
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Transmission Repair Coupons | Waxhaw NC

Transmission Rebuild Waxhaw NC

Transmission Rebuild Waxhaw NC

If you have came to this page, it is because you are having problems with your transmission and you may need a transmission rebuild. As Waxhaw’s transmission rebuild specialist, Twin Automotive & Transmission, we can help explain what the process of a transmision rebuild is and why you actually do need it done.

Transmission Rebuild Process | Waxhaw NC

A transmission rebuild is a major mechanical overhaul done to a car’s transmission. There are many different types of transmissions per whatever vehicle you are driving. Similar to a vehicle engine, a transmission is comprised of a series of moving parts that can wear out over time or due to extended use. The process of a transmission rebuild includes removing the entire transmission unit from the vehicle, disassembling the entire unit, inspecting each internal and external part for damage, cleaning the unit, and then rebuilding the transmission with new parts. Here at Twin Automotive & Transmission Repair of Waxhaw, we do not just replace worn parts, but also all required parts in a transmission rebuild including gaskets and other parts. Contact us for a free estimate here.

Transmission Rebuild Prices | Waxhaw NC

There are a certain amount of labor hours and parts that go into a Transmission Rebuild. The amount of labor hours based upon your type of vehicle. The parts the need to be rebuilt in the transmission may also vary depending on the shop that rebuilds your transmission. Twin Automotive & Transmission of Waxhaw rebuilds all types of transmissions and is one of the only rebuilt transmission shops in Waxhaw that will include everything needed for a complete transmission rebuild in their quotes (Some shops will charge additional for a new solenoid pack, torque
converters, hard parts or more) For complete pricing on a rebuilt transmission, call Twin Automotive at 704-821-3460.

A vehicle transmission is an intricate mechanical system consisting of a variety  of gears, bands, pumps, and rotors that all work in perfect harmony until there is a problem. The transmission is the most important part of your vehicle as it controls the way your car moves.

Contact Waxhaw’s Transmission Repair Specialists, Twin Automotive and Transmission. We include Waxhaw’s LONGEST Transmission Rebuild Warranty – 3 years / unlimited miles with all transmission rebuilds.

Signs for Transmission Repair | Waxhaw NC

Transmission Repair Waxhaw NC

As Waxhaw’s Transmission Repair specialists, we can easily tell you the top three signs that signal you need a transmission repair. From Honda Transmission Repair to Ford ransmission Repair, or even Lexus or Acura Transmission Repair, we have been serving Waxhaw car owners with all types of transmission problems and repair. Let us help give you detailed transmission repair information and get your vehicle back on the road. Contact us at 704-821-3460 or email us for a free transmission repair estimate.

There are several tell tale signs that can give you a clue that your car is probably developing some transmission issues. Some transmission repair symptoms start off small as noises or vibrations, but when these symptoms are ignored, small repairs can easily escalate into large major repairs. Please read this list carefully. If you are experiencing any of these transmission symptoms, please contact us immediately at 704-821-3460 to avoid costly repairs.

1) Fluid Leaks
One of the top signs that you may need a transmission repair is a fluid leak. Fluid leaks are found in the presence of stains or wet spots under the vehicle. Typically, any form of leaks noticed under the car can quickly be determined a sign of trouble, however if the stain color is red, then that means the leak is transmission fluid. If you see a red stain underneath your vehicle, please contact us immediately at 704-821-3460.

2) Transmission Noise
Noise that seems to be from under the car floorboards is a clear sign that you may need a transmission repair. The auto transmission should work smoothly and without sound. Hearing noises that include grinding or whines, may be an indication of emerging problems with the transmission valves or gears.

3) Vibrations
Another easy sign of an transmission problem is vibrations. These vibrations typically will occur when the car is shifting through gears. If you feel vibrations, or notice that the car drags or stutters when shifting gears, this is a definate sign of a transmission problem. The cause may be a minor or it could be major. (Contact Waxhaw’s Transmission Repair Specialists, Twin Automotive & Transmission repair for a diagnosis of your transmission repair.) Vibrations may also be described as Grinding, shaking or the transmission is jerky changing into gears

4)  Fluid Appearance or Smell
Another way to determine a transmission issue is by checking the level of transmission fluids. Low transmission fluid levels can quickly lead to further transmission problems. The color of the fluid should be translucent red. If the transmission fluid has a burnt smell or looks muddy then you need to change it immediately.

Do not let transmission problems go unresolved. In most cases, a small transmission repair can be compeleted easily, but if left alone, additional internal damage can be caused, causing you a major repair cost. If you are experiencing any of these transmission repair symptoms, please contact Waxhaw’s Best Transmission Repair Shop, Twin Automotive & Transmission Repair.

We offer Waxhaw’s Longest Transmission Repair Warranty – 3 Years / Unlimited Miles. And, with this blog – you can save
an additional $200 OFF your transmission rebuild. Please contact us by requesting a free transmission repair estimate or calling us directly at 704-821-3460. Free Towing is available, although mileage restrictions may apply.